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Otherworld by Trichardsen

PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I absolutely love it!! It is AMAZING!!!!!! and since i used to few words, a a a a a a a a a a a a...

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    I shiver as I press my battered hands to the cool, broken glass. I gaze out upon my rundown city from twelve stories up. I shiver again, and pull my thread bare cloth tighter around myself. I am soaked to the bone from the steady rain that has been falling for days. I stare at the people running around below me. Most are poor, but some are soldiers dress in their white and black armor, with gleaming, silver guns at their sides. I get up and turn away from the dingey window sill I had been sitting on. My family sits on the cold stone floor of our tiny,drafty, dilapidated apartment in the poorest sector of town. The walls are gray and dirty. The floor is cold stone. Our beds are torn up cots with blankets, rugs, and what ever other fabric we could find piled on top of them. Our one luxury is  a dented, rusted metal pail I found in an alley, which serves as a fire place, since I covered the top with another metal piece, cut a large hole in it, and attached a tube I found to the top. The tube runs along the wall and out of our room through a hole in the window. I stare at my family, my mom, my younger sister, and our two cats. "Selene," my mother asks,"are you ok?" 
"Yes," I reply
"Are you sure?" Celeste, my sister asks," you look cold." Celeste looks at me with  her huge sky blue eyes and curly, golden blonde hair. I just nod yes. Celeste got the good genes from our father, even though I have the same blue eyes. Except, on me they look darker and colder. My hair, pale blond and unnaturally straight, is no where as nice as her's. I do look alot like our mom though, she has the same platinum blond hair.    
     Our two cats, Helios & Luna, chase each other around the room. Even without them running around, we are still cramped in here. Luna knocks over the pan we have and the metal tins we eat in. My mother scolds the silver she-cat. Helios, with his golden brown eyes and fluffy yellow pelt, comforts his mate. In a while, Luna will be having her and Helios's kits. 
    We huddle closer to the fire, it flickers in the rain. We can barely see each other now in the half-light, our faces slightly illuminated. The rain pounds hard against our window and seeps in our room through the holes and cracks in the glass. Suddenly, Helios and Luna look up towards the window, their ears pricked and backs arched slightly. Then, out of the blue, a huge BOOM rocks our apartment, sending chunks of the ceiling crashing down to our heads, and us drowning in a complete inky blackness, the dark seeming swallowing up the whole city, every flicker out light, whether it be candle or street lamps, plunging people into dark and panic...  


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sadie soko.
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i really like art and photography

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